Zig Zag French Orange Rolling Papers

Product image 1Zig Zag French Orange Rolling Papers
Product image 2Zig Zag French Orange Rolling Papers
Product image 3Zig Zag French Orange Rolling Papers

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The world's most iconic rolling paper and our best-seller for over 100 years. Zig-Zag French Orange smoking papers are in a league of their own. 

  • It is ideal for making regular rolls or those raw cones rolled by hand, this French orange 1 ¼ sized rolling papers are thin and durable so you can enjoy a slow burn and unique experience
  • Each rolling paper has a medium 78 by 44 millimeters size that is ideal for your everyday rolls, they are flexible and easy to roll so you don’t have to waste any product
  • These classic French orange papers have a special thin glue line to provide a seal for every roll, the natural gum Arabic is durable, but completely non-toxic, it contains no tobacco and no nicotine
  • Our papers are made using natural flax plant fibers, it is a classic and even-burning paper designed to enhance your experience, this rolling paper provides strength, fineness and a slow burn
  • The pack includes 6 booklets with 32 papers each, that means that you get paper rolls that will last for many months, the rolling paper booklets are compact, lightweight, and very easy to fit in your pocket
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