Humble Hemp Wrap

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Creating the most natural way for you to enjoy your smoke sessions, Humble Hemp Wraps is at the top of the tier list when it comes to blunt wraps. These newly introduced wraps use 100% organic hemp and provide a slow burn that is clean and totally flavorsome to ensure you're satisfied to the fullest.

What are Humble Hemp Wraps? The newly developed Humble Hemp Wraps are wraps that are made using high-quality hemp. They're designed to be used with your favorite herbs and provide a clean and enjoyable smoking experience. Each wrap contains zero traces of tobacco, nicotine, THC, or toxic additives. They are natural hemp wraps that breaks the trend of tobacco, delivering clean and flavorsome smoke that will coat your taste buds with luscious flavors that are sure to please. Choose from a 2-Pack or 25-Pouches and as up to 8 delicious flavor choices.

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