Cyclones Klear Pimperschnaps

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What are Cyclones Clear? They’re a cone made from natural cotton cellulose, glycerin and water. They’re NOT a rolling paper and they’re NOT a cigarette tube! They’re a totally new concept in smoking – super slow burning and flavorless. Cyclones Clear have printed tips that show through the clear cone – (check it out in the photos – this product is COOL!). Smokers have been unanimous in their approval. They burn much slower than a cigarette paper and are best described as a non tobacco wrapper.
Cyclones® are the world's first pre-rolled flavored cone smoking tube. The cone style of rolling smoking tube has become very popular due to its unique burning characteristics. However rolling such a shape is a difficult and messy process for most. Cyclones® instantly remedy this problem as they are already pre-rolled! The pre-rolled Cyclone® funnel shape allows the user to easily place their tobacco within the tube with no spillage.
A built in paper filter tip adds to the convenience of Cyclones®!

All Cyclones come in a freshness-guaranteed resealable cigar tube. You can fill the cone, drop it back in its tube and smoke it later. Let’s face it, if you’re going to smoke then cone shaped is the best way to do it!
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