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Some of us just prefer the finer things in life and now your wraps can be the most exquisite and luxurious of them all.  Billionaire Hemp Wraps are produced from the finest hemp and have the perfect amount of flavor that will compliment with your choice of legal herbs.  If flavored wraps are not your preference, then our flavorless hemp wrap called NATURAL can be your perfect choice. 

Each pouch contains 2 extremely fresh hemp wraps that will roll perfectly with your legal choice of herbs.

With various flavors to choose from, we are sure there is a flavor that will definitely satisfy your smoking desire.  So sit back, relax and smoke with a touch of exquisite class. 


Baldacci Gold - Private Reserve: The fruits of the gods were always served on a “golden” platter.  The Baldacci Gold will serve your taste buds with a burst of fruitful flavors to have you smiling like the gods.

Baldacci Black - Private Reserve: Royalty is calling you with the The Baldacci Black - Private Reserve.  This luxurious smooth flavor of Hors d’Age Cognac will have you feeling like a Billionaire.

Rose Petal Wraps - Billionaire Rose Wraps, the epitome of sophistication and luxury for those with discerning tastes.  Each pack includes two rose petal-infused wraps, free from tobacco and nicotine. Elevate your smoking experience with the delicate essence of real rose petals.  Perfect for special occasions or everyday indulgence, these wraps offer a smooth, consistent burn and are meticulously crafted for connoisseurs who appreciate the finer things in life.  Redefine your smoking ritual with Billionaire Rose Petal Wraps and immerse yourself in a world of elegance and luxury.

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