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Rolling transparent aLeda papers is easy, and almost exactly the same as rolling a “normal” cigarette or joint. The only difference is that these aLeda clear rolling papers have no sticky edge where you lick it, because the material of which this paper is made does a good job at sealing the joint. Simply lick it where you need to, roll it closed and you’re done! A handy advantage of this is that you can never roll the joint or cigarette with the sticky edge on the wrong side, because you can roll it from any side you like. Each box contains

But I don’t want to smoke plastic… Of course you don’t! These aLeda transparent rolling papers are made of 100% biodegradable and natural cellulose (plant based), so there is no plastic involved. Smoking cellulose is no worse for your health or the environment than smoking regular rolling papers. Each pack (booklet) contains 40 transparent rolling papers, and a display box contains 20 booklets.

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